2018 Music Announced

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Robert Redhead

The following music has been chosen for our 94th contest to be held on Saturday 16th June 2018.

Championship Section

Isaiah 40 – R Redhead (Publisher Studio Music)
March – Jubilee – Paul Drury (Publisher World of Brass)

First Section

Symphony of Marches – G Vinter (Publisher Studio Music)
Guardian of my Soul – D. Shaw (Publisher World of Brass)

Second Section

Fire in the Blood – P Lovatt-Cooper (Publisher PLC Music Ltd)
Salutation from Cornish Hymns Set No. 3 – K Polmear (Publisher Trevada Music)

Third Section

The Haslemere Suite – P. Graham (Publisher Gramercy Music)

Fourth Section

A Circus Suite – S. Johnson (Publisher R Smith)

Youth Section

Own Choice Test Piece

Training Section

Own Choice(no longer than 10 minutes)

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