2012 Centenary Contest- Full Results

St Dennis Band have won the Championship Section at Bugle today and with it the famous Royal Trophy and £1000. Their performance of Phillip Sparkes 'Tallis Variations' gained a total of 191 marks from Adjudicator John Berryman.

Championship Section.
Test Piece-Tallis Variations
1st St Dennis 191
2nd St Austell 190
3rd Mount Charles 189
Melody-I'll Walk with God
1st St Dennis 188
2nd St Austell 187
3rd Mount Charles 186
Best Player Lee Wylde Cornet (St Dennis)

First Section
Test Piece-A Cornish Festival
1st Helston Town 187
2nd Bugle Silver 186
3rd Camborne Brass 185
1st Helston Town 186
2nd Camborne Brass 185
3rd Bugle Silver 184
Best Player Leanne Osbourne Flugel (Helston Town)

Second Section
Test Piece-Symphonic Suite for Brass Band
1st Heyl Town 180
1st Heyl Town 180
Best Player Matt Livingstone Solo Horn (Heyl Town)

Third Section
Test Piece-Anglian Dances
1st Tiverton Town 180
Best Player Tina Pillivant Cornet (Tiverton Town)

Fourth Section
Test Piece-English Folk Song Suite
1st Tiverton Town 178
2nd Redruth Town 177
3rd Lostwithiel Town 176
4th Liskeard Silver 175
5th Okehampton Excelsior Silver 174
6th Camborne Junior Contest 173
7th St Newlyn East 172
Best Player Tanya Gilbert-Davis Cornet (Redruth Town)

Youth Section
10 minutes Own Choice
1st Mount Charles Youth 185
Best Player Rachel Crabb Euphonium (Mount Charles)
Best Cornet Player Tom Feeney (Mount Charles)

Training Section
10 minutes Own Choice
1st St Austell Junior 175
2nd Lanner Brass Academy 174
3rd Plymouth Soundhouse Junior 172
4th Launceston Junior 171
5th Lostwithiel Junior 170
Best Player A Brown, Percussion (Launceston Junior)
Best Cornet Player Siana Rowse (Lanner Brass Academy)

1st Okehampton Excelsior Silver 34
2nd Bugle Silver 32

Special Awards (Open to all Sections)
Best Soprano Paul Richards (St Dennis)
Best Solo Cornet Lee Wylde (St Dennis)
Best Euphonium Kim Bazeley (St Dennis)
Best Solo Horn Joanna Scott (St Austell)
Best Set of Basses St Austell

A.R.Trudgian Youth Awards

Yasmin Stevens (St Austell)
Matthew Julian (Camborne)