St Dennis claim Royal Trophy victory

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St Dennis Band

St Dennis Band under the baton of Darren Hawken have won the Royal Trophy at Molinnis Park, Bugle today. In wet and windy conditions and with the odd rumble of thunder in the air, the clay country band beat Camborne Town into second place with their rendition of ‘On Alderley Edge’.

Full Results

Championship Section

Test Piece – On Alderley Edge

1st St Dennis (Darren R Hawken) 193
2nd Camborne Town (David Hirst) 191

March – The Wizard.

1st Camborne Town 196
2nd St Dennis 195

Best Player – John Hitchens (Euphonium) Camborne Town

First Section

Test Piece – Purpose

1st St Austell (Stuart Chappell) 194
2nd AW Parker (Drybrook) (Joshua Ruck) 192
3rd Forest of Dean Brass (Thomas Dunne) 191

Hymn – Love Divine

1st Forest of Dean Brass 95
2nd AW Parker (Drybrook) 92
3rd St Austell 91

Best Player – Jim Mason (Soprano) Forest of Dean

Second Section

Test Piece – The Land of the Mountain and the Flood

1st Mount Charles 191 (Jeremy Taylor)

Hymn – Treskerby

1st Mount Charles 87

Best Player – Steve Fryett (Soprano) Mount Charles

Third Section

Test Piece – Napoleon on the Alps

1st Indian Queens (Ben Martin) 192

Best Player Nicola Pascoe (Cornet) Indian Queens

Youth Section

Own Choice

1st St Dennis (Darren R Hawken) 190
2nd St Austell (Anna Minear) 188

Best Player Cory Williams (Trombone) St Dennis

Best Cornet Player Lia Teague – St Dennis

Training Section

10 minutes Own Choice

1st Soundhouse Juniors (Gary Thompson) 193
2nd St Dennis Training (Linda Trethewey) 190

Best Player – Dan Clements (Percussion) St Dennis
Best Cornet Player – Evie Tucker – Soundhouse Juniors


1st St Austell
2nd Indian Queens

Special Awards

Soprano – Jim Mason (Forest of Dean Brass)
Cornet – Luke Barker (St Dennis)
Euphonium – John Hitchens (Camborne Town)
Horn – Lauren Oliver (Mount Charles)
Basses – AW Parker (Drybrook)

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